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25 WhoPinged helps identify players who ping the minimap 25 FuBar-ModMenuTu A FuBar menu lake palace casino no deposit bonus for your mods.
19185, xPerl UnitFrames, much enchanced from Nymbia's Perl UnitFrames, and a complete replacement for Blizzard's default unit frames, including raid frames and raid tools.
160 TargetOfTarget HoTT - Target of target and ToT's health in a small frame beneath the target frame.3.6.1 This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL 3098 Cooldowns This addOn adds frames with icons and countdowns for enemies' as well as your own cooldowns.In-game code extender editor.Colour true to description janey.100 Banzai Alert Notifies you when you get aggro.92 Nurfed Utility Library for the Nurfed AddOns 92 TipBuddy Enhanced 92 StrategosCore helps you make faster decision about your battleground's objectives.973 Scrap sells all your junk when you visit a merchant.20 Fizzwidget Enchant Seller Remembers what people trade to you when you enchant their items 20 KeepItCool Reminds you when your tradeskill cooldowns are.I've finally found what I've been looking for and it's ideal for my travels.EquipCompare, compare items easily with ones you have equipped (2.9.8) 43633, sellValue, display the sell value of an item when not at a vendor 42781, cartographer, addon to manipulate the map 42004, cooldownCount.This is great eq 2 weapon damage bonus very useful.It has a button on the minimap ring that once you left click it, it lets you move the actionbars around with the mouse, and right clicks on bars changes their size, opacity etc, very nice and much better than bartender.4375 X-Perl Party Frame Replaces the default party frames.75 Defend Yourself myAddOns 74 Kwraz flightpath tracker Learns flight paths displays them on the zone map 73 Titan Panel Bginfo Plugin for Titan Panel to display Battleground Info 73 Titan Panel StanceSets Automatically change weapon sets based on stance.Small enough to not take up a lot of room in my suitcase, yet big enough to hold what I need.Can't wait to use it on our trip to Paris later this month.212 MageX Auto Buff and other simple tools for mages 211 sRaidFrames CT_RaidAssist style raid frames 211 tradeDispenser Automaticly dispenses specified items to anyone who wants to trades with you /tD or /tradeDispenser 211 Tooltip Wrangler Allows the user to move the tooltips freely about.426 Baggins Inventory Management with virtual bags divided into sections.184 Clean Player Frame Removes text "Health" and "Mana" / "Rage" / "Focus" / "Energy" from the player frame.Easily find the Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right!