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Wow group exp bonus

wow group exp bonus

1757 Custom Nameplates Display's Name/Health/Class above the head's of nearby target's 1750 X-Perl Party Pet Frame Replaces the default party's pet frames.
625 ag UnitFrames Unit frame addon using AceOO 616 OneBag Sorter One bag to rule them all 604 SpecialTalentUI Improved Talent Frame.
Break Enough Runes to go up a Level, and Receive a Mystic Extract.A large collection of, vanilla WoW Addons (1.12.1).3.6.1 (Platypus) This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL 32765 Gatherer Addon that remembers node locations.501 Wardrobe Define and switch imperial palace hotel and casino las vegas among 20 outfits/gearsets.25 Off your first FreshDirect order of 99 and over.The strongest Heroes will utilize Mystic Enchantments to rise above their peers, and truly power up their heroes.3478 ItemRack Context menus for inventory items 3395 AtlasQuest Shows the Quests for the instance.305 GMail Grennon Mail 301 QuestHaste QuestHaste is a small Addon for vanilla World of Warcraft (1.12 it allows fast turn in of quests, especially useful for repeatable quests (e.g.2327 BuffWatch Keeps track of buffs on party members in a small window and highlights them if they have run out 2301 SW Stats Shadow Warrior Damage Stats 2137 Titan Panel Clock Adds a clock to Titan Panel 2134 TotemTimers Melki's Totem Timers w/ Totem.Offer ends May 1, 2019.318 CritLine List all of your attacks and/or heals displaying normal and crit damage.Displays current and maximum health numbers for targeted mobs.Save 25 on your order.Offer ends December 31, 2019.Alterac Valley quests) 300 simpleMinimap GUI GUI options module for simpleMinimap 296 FruityLoots Automatically positions the most relevant part of the loot window under your cursor.3648 EzDismount Dismounts you when opening Flightpath 3647 TrinketMenu AddOn to manage trinkets 3500 Druid Bar Shows mana in bear/cat form.751 SmartHeal Auto heal rank calculation and auto target healing 749 Titan Panel Recomended Zone Displays level for current zone and recommends zones and instances for your level.Wow interface in a single Addon.
4448 ScrollingCombatText Adds Scrolling Combat Text above your character 4439 Fishing Buddy Help with fishing related tasks - clothing 4078 CCWatch Displays a progress bar for any class CCs 3987 Clique A simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and.

1123 Guild Event Manager 1115 OneBank One bag to rule them all 1104 Lern2Spell Automatically upgrades spells on your actionbars 1092 Warrior Button Provides a super intelligent function for warriors 1085 AutoAttack Automatically attack enemies 1078 CThun Warner Provides information for C'Thun raids.
384 SheepWatch Displays a progress bar for Mage's Polymorph Spell 370 CensusPlus Collects and displays census information.