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Wot camouflage net bonus

wot camouflage net bonus

Can I hide My Maus behind this hause?
That doesnt look to bad, does it?
You can also look at the proper calculation in way more detail if you want to fully understand how different crew skills, consumables and equipment influence the spotting calculations.
The simple way to calculate how a camouflage value affects the view range of the spotting tank is: spottingRange ViewRange * (1 camoValue so if you are in an E100 (view range 400 best in slot warrior bdo m) and you are trying to spot an AMX 13 90 moving.Because the 5 second rule applies here and it's not the picking food up from the floor and eating it 5 second rule.Possible 3 Modules Camo calculator allows to find out exact camo values and view range of WoT vehicles, depending of individual vehicle configuration and crew skills.They ignore anything outside base values, so no crew skills, consumables or equipment is taken into account.Spotting distance is normally smaller as calculated on that formula because of another camo bonuses such as bushes, camo net and others.You know like Toolbox, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Improved Ventilation and the like.And I don think that people only get camouflage because of the bonus, some probably do it to make that tank look more "cool".That could just add it to the tanks normal stats.Firing Camouflage - the value of camouflage while firing, you're firing ikea family benefits australia a big editedfreaking cannon did you expect to stay hidden behind that bush.But after own shot this effect disappears almost completely.Then there's that fact that some tanks like the T34B do not get the bonus, and do not say it because it black.The rule larger caliber brings larger camo penalties.Use: first of all please enter the name of the vehicle in the text input box if you can't find a tank with full name try with a (possible unique) part of the name.If you limit your view range to 445 m you will not be able to spot anything at maximum spotting range because the camo factor of all tanks will decrease your view range down below max spotting range.However this doesn't apply to light tanks because skaut tanks got HAXs and have the same camo while moving as stationary.So remember when going into a bush be observant of others and respect that they might have gotten to your favourite spot before you, don't ram them or grief them move on and find another spot!View port on the cannon basement can rotate with a turret.
This means that a tank with 400 m view range will have an effective view range of 577.90.
What you can do to increase your camo values.