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What does deals bonus elemental damage mean

Elemental Damage Multipliers As with other racial abilities, there are a number of multipliers which increase the amount of damage dealt using elemental chains.
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It triggers when the element of the target creature is the opposite of the element of your damaging spell or creature.
Granted, robotic enemies are common enough that it's a useful trait, although some enemies (like the flamethrower guys) take reduced or no damage from electric.The most can be attained from this ability with a number of Altar of Primal Elements.In terms of Elemental Chains, there is only one modifier, namely Rage of the Elements enabling you to deal double elemental damage.Are there any implications if creatures kotor 2 max dexterity bonus attack with non-opposite elements?For creatures resultat keno 25 aout 2017 that inflict a double-strike, the two strikes are successive, and the elemental damage, if any, occurs on the first attack.If the enemy is not a Warlock, then they cannot make use of elemental chains.Every creature and destructive spell in Heroes of Might and Magic V bears one of the four elements of the ancient world: Air, Earth, Fire and, water.Because they were chains once (during the beta testing).What about creatures who affect more than one enemy with one attack?This building is required for creatures to participate in elemental chaining.I've figured out that Caustic damage will hurt enemies through otherwise impenetrable defenses, like a shield or a snailbot's shell, but only the caustic damage itself; IE if your gun does 1000 base damage and 25 caustic damage don't even bother trying to kill.If you possess Elemental Vision, but not the Altar of Elements, you are able to chain with spells.
Frequently Asked Elemental Chains Questions, where are the elements displayed and where can I see them?
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