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Warcraft 3 editor trigger player slot condition

Third, it seems that you are trying to do resultat keno 23 septembre something like a berserk skill, you should try to create a dummy unit add it an ability with the buff and the duration you want and let it cast the ability on all units u want.
Region - Move is the only action that doesnt d ive tested it so I know its this line.
Has anyone used this before and could help me with this?It should show "Unit - Create 1 Footman for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of (Playable map area) facing Default building facing degrees".Forth, waits in picks are stupid, because they will go like this: First unit gets buffed - 6 seconds wait - debuff - Second unit gets buffed - 6 seconds wait - etc.I guess you don't want it to happen like this.Ive changed some varibles and spawning l leave the Title and such for you.Im using the trigger action "Region - Move" to make a region move to where a hero dies.Spoiler : Make a new event for the trigger "If/Then/Else".not multiple functions en to start it off.That makes it so whether the person is playing or not the units will spawn.Then Unit - Create Units Facing Angle.After your done with that close the varible editor.You need to replace the ones in the triggers with the ones youve just the same for the triggers "Survivor Chosen" and "Team Chosen" But.Umm, i have a few things to mention here.Pink Monster Spawn Bottom Right, green Monster Spawn Bottom Right2 r your Dialog Button.First you're using GUI which is in WC3 really weak and not useful, try to learn Jass and vJass they're more powerful.Name the first varible "ChooseMe" and change the type to Dialog.You need to simply change.

R your first one, where you wanted them to stop spawning if they arent there.
2 logical triggers, one to set the variables when the hero dies (which also moves the region as a variable) and another trigger for the actual reviving part.
Change Player 1, to Player 12, and change the location to the regions that ive listed for each color.