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Vuejs named slots example

Slots can contain any template code, including html: navigation-link url profile"!- Add a Font Awesome icon - span class"fa fa-user" /span Your Profile /navigation-link Or even other components: navigation-link url profile"!- Use a component to add an icon - font-awesome-icon Your Profile /navigation-link If navigation-link.
And your form has a few "sections Form heading: containing info on what the form.
E template div child-component p defaultSlotScope.Web Components spec draft, using the slot tjäna pengar snabbt olagligt element to serve as distribution outlets for content.Custom Events Dynamic Async Components.Scoped Slots New.1.0 Sometimes youll want to provide a component with a reusable slot that can access data from the child component.Photo Credit: Eric Kilby (cc-by-sa) Next Post Previous Post.slot v-bind:todo"todo"!- Fallback content - todo.button type"submit" /button If the slot is provided content by the parent, it will replace the default content.To achieve this, specify the default content in between the slot tags.For example, if youre trying to allow custom templates in a container while still retaining access to those containers data properties, youll want to use a scoped slot.CC BY-SA.0, this website is not affiliated with.p - /p p slot"literally-the-best" slot-scope"bestSlotScope" bestSlotScope.This essentially creates a local variable for anything inside that template, allowing you to access it as if it was in the parents scope.Also you can skip the template elements.Text!- Renders p I'll get rendered inside the default slot.p - /p /child-component /div /template script import ChildComponent from './e export default components: ChildComponent /script.Scoped slots are a new feature introduced in Vue.1.0.In both examples above, the rendered html would be: div class"container" header h1 Here might be a page title /h1 /header main p A paragraph for the main content.What is a slot?This means in supported environments ( single-file components or modern browsers ) you can also use ES2015 destructuring in the expression, like so: todo-list v-bind:todos"todos" template slot-scope" todo " span todo.