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Vegas eiffel tower

I visited Las Vegas in 2007 for the first time in my life, and the first moment I saw this dreamlike, fantastic, astonishing spectacle throughout the window of the landing airplane, I already knew it is not going to be the last one.
And even now, knowing all the technical, rational, and scientific part of this land of consumption casino sidor med faktura my love for Las Vegas is still setting my soul on fire.
Money making hotels and casinos which are combined together inviting you and even demanding you to spend your money on their goods and services not only by their beauty and attractiveness but by extravaganzas and simulations which were created to attract and enchant more people.We went through couple of other hotels and I noticed that many of them have flat and regular escalators in order to not to overtire and reserve their consumers energy to consume.We went to Venetian and Paris hotels and I thought that you don't have to fly over the seas to Europe to see the Eiffel tower or to take a gondola ride accompanied by gondoliers singing.Creators of this spectacle brought all these amazing things together in Las Vegas to enchant more and more consumers who will come again and again and will consume and consume with pleasure even if they don't need.It hypnotized me so much that I had an only wish in my mind which was to stay in Bellagio hotel next time I visit the sin city.You don't even realize it but somewhere subconscious you feel thankful that people who created this spectacle thought about yourself and your wellbeing.We walked through Las Vegas hotels and the Strip and I realized that I don't want to go back to the real world.Taxi driver from India whom we met was the perfect example.I have very bright memories from that trip to Las Vegas and now after I saw the DVD about Las Vegas I try redkings poker android to recall my memories and take a look at Las Vegas from sociological perspective.This enormous national playground is one of the largest landscapes of consumption in America that have helped to entice us to consume far more than we ever did in the past and led us in the direction of hyperconsumption.I walked by the Strip with my eyes wide open and I forgot that I woke up at 5:30 o'clock in the morning, forgot that I spent almost 6 hours in the airplane, forgot who I am and felt like I was sleeping all this.I turned my head to the side and I saw the dancing fountains accompanied by the music and lights.We almost passed the fountains, which were turned off, when I heard the sound of Cellins Dion song from the movie Titanic.That was the time when I realized that to get read of an old boring stuff, (which in the past, modern world we were taught to cherish and to build a new, more spectacular thing instead - is the method of disenchantment prevention of the.It was twisting and turning, changing heights, lengths, widths and directions.We came back to the fountains two more times again and I realized that the inventors of it were very smart people who knew how to prevent the disenchantment of this extravaganza, because every fountain show was completely different and was accompanied by the different.
Las Vegas as a landscape of consumption includes multitude of cathedrals of consumption which are basically new settings in and through which we obtain goods and services.
I remember myself sitting on the 64th floor balcony of the Mix Lounge high atop the Mandalay Bay hotel enjoying breathtaking views of the famed Las Vegas Strip.