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Total war attila missing building slots

The only exception is gold, that is instantly changed into money.
Sanitation buildings are a valuable addition to every province and should be build wherever it is possible.
If there is a need, like after ending a war, you can always convert a building.Their amount depends on number of buildings that were there before destruction.V level city has so big requirements that a single farm can be not enough to fully satisfy.Every faction have three or four development paths of agricultural buildings.Other, like silk industry, offer bonuses to specific building types, but reduces public order and increase squalor.Third, you can convert a building to another from the same category, for example stall into field.Additionally, there is always one building that produces less food, but increases the recruitment capabilities or cavalry training, while others allow you to recruit infantry.First, buildings can be damaged by a siege.Money from trading port will be useful everywhere on the country territory, even outside its boundaries as bribes.There are three main development paths for industrial buildings.One of them offers more resources, the second less, but gives nioh familiarity bonus aa other unique profits instead.It influence public order and growth as well, depending on building type.The second one, like German menhir, will have lower impact on the order, but will increase the amount of followers in province.There are only buildings that can be of more or less use.Civic As the name suggests civic buildings serve the citizens.The only exception is the first ruin, of the settlement.Similarly to undeveloped energy casino no deposit code 2017 lands, they require population surplus for removing.The only exception.If a province is near enemy territories, you should buy a war port.