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Tops casino hidden weapons

tops casino hidden weapons

The framed newspaper clipped to the right of the entrance doors in the lobby contains an error, refers to The Ultra-Luxe as "The Ultra Lux".
Hidden Sword Cane is a real walking stick that happens to have a carbon steel blade hidden inside.
Here the player character can find Tommy Torini, who gives the side quest Talent Pool.
The sub-basement Edit Beyond Benny's workshop is a hallway with an elevator used by best paying slot machines at soaring eagle Benny as an emergency escape route.A door leads to the courtyard from here.Appearances Edit The Tops appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.If patch.06 is installed, there will be a wall separating the reception area and the casino floor.Topsrestaurant (Tops restaur.) 2ETopsBennysFloor (13th floor) 2ETopsPresidentialSuite (pr.Entering requires the High Roller's suite key, which can be obtained by winning enough chips in the casino (see igame no deposit the "gambling" section ).This is most easily accomplished during Ring-a-Ding-Ding!However, a script unlocks the elevator when Benny begins to flee The Tops (such as if the player attacks him in the lobby and a different script locks it again if he succeeds in reaching it (verified with geck).13th floor Edit Local map The 13th floor contains a variety of nondescript rooms with Average locks, Benny's suite and the High Roller's suite.At the end of the main hallway, the very last locked door leads to the High Roller's suite.And of course, the, stealth Cat Ring lets you wear your stealth weapon on the.