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The long dark grey mother deposit key

Inside the cache you no deposit bonus codes casino grand bay will get a bottle of antibiotics, an antiseptic, an energy bar, and some painkillers.
Open bank deposit box #7, open bank deposit box #13, open bank deposit box #20.
If you go to the Bank of Milton, you can now open deposit box #7.Spoiler Warning: This page may contain spoilers from the story of The Long Dark.Bank Deposit Box Key #13, the next key is hidden inside a backpack that can be found on a corpse that got stranded on the bank of a frozen river that flows under the smaller wooden bridge at the farm.But if you want to quickly move through the chapters without wasting too much time, then follow the instructions below on how to find all the hidden items.It's in the box under the bed.One rabbit skin will earn you 50 points of trust that can be exchanged for a piece of information.Start your way from the bridge (entrance to Milton) and go down the river to the next wooden bridge not far from the farm.In-game description, milton Safety Deposit Box Keys is a side mission.Then go down, down, down the river (almost to breakage) and turn left.You'll need this key playing through the storyline, so you can't pick it before Grey Mother tells you.The key youre looking for is right there.This guide will help you deal with Grey Mother and earn her trust, uncover all the secret caches in Milton, and locate all the keys to the deposit boxes scattered around the map.Cache #3: In the Millers House.Inside the box you will find a small bottle of lantern fuel, an Emergency Stim (a steroid injection a basic sewing kit that can be used for fixing clothes, a piece of cloth, and an MRE.At the end of the cave you will see a pile of rocks - thats your cache.The deposit box #20 holds a magnifying lens, and a bundle of cash.
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Deposit Key #20 is located near Orca Gas Station in a blue pickup on the path to the Climing Area.

The best way to make Grey Mother trust you is to supply her with rabbit skins.