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The long dark all deposit keys

There are a couple of useful goodies to collect in this safety deposit boxes.
Temperature is svenska spela casino en timme your worst enemy, and staying warm should always be priority number one.Bank Deposit Box Key #13, the next key is hidden inside a backpack that can be found on a corpse that got stranded on the bank of a frozen river that flows under the smaller wooden bridge at the farm.One rabbit skin will earn you 50 points of trust that can be exchanged for central casino cuernavaca a piece of information.Now look across the road and you will see another smaller house.There are four keys to deposit boxes in total in Milton.Find all four safety deposit box keys in the quick guide below.To unlock the large vault in the Milton Bank: Get the Bank Managers Key in the Milton Bank, then go to the Bank Managers House (marked with a Canadian flag) the combination is next to the bed.Look for the truck parked by a pair of blue port-a-potties.Open the door and sit on the passengers seat.How to Earn Grey Mother's Trust.The key is inside that truck.But if you want to quickly move through the chapters without wasting too much time, then follow the instructions below on how to find all the hidden items.This guide will help you deal with Grey Mother and earn her trust, uncover all the secret caches in Milton, and locate all the keys to the deposit boxes scattered around the map.If you dont want to deal with Grey Mother and do quests for her, then just follow the tips listed below to find all the hidden supply caches.The Long Dark on Steam: m/app/305620/The_Long_Dark/.If you have no patience for chasing rabbits, then you can use bandages and cloth that each give 5 and 2 points of trust respectively.

Each box contains supplies that are of great value.
If youre like us, you cant stand a locked door.
Inside the box you will find a small bottle of lantern fuel, an Emergency Stim (a steroid injection a basic sewing kit that can be used for fixing clothes, a piece of cloth, and an MRE.