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The division best in slot 1 8 2

This video will show you what eq 2 weapon damage bonus these talents do and.
From my point of view every set (At least classified) is usable and generally I feel like the most important thing is that you are using what you want to use.
IT hareat damage TO stam.
Farming underground/DZ is also good.Follow me on Twitter: m/ThreeFiveSe7en Watch the Entire.(THE division.8.3) PVE build - 1:50 last stand build - 8:11.Dmg multiplies unlike Brutal, Deadly and Destructive which all add which is why they are generally better.There are many great resources for this that you can find on reddit,, etc.More like this., THE NEW best WAY TO GET exotic weapons gear?More like this., This guide is still valid for patch.5* Tom Clancy's The Division- The Division has change considerably since the launch of patch.4, and with that, the ideal.Share, like, smash out on that like button, comment and subscribe.If you don't have the DZ Credits then.Buy the things that are must buys if you can.You shoot things and when things die you get health.
Get to Ilvl 256.
With this build YOU should.