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The certificate of deposit market

the certificate of deposit market

Is their number increasing or decreasing?
The whole story began in 2009, when alrosa and Leader, a management company, were discussing the possibility and prospect of establishing an investment fund where its assets were to be diamonds.However, this is an evolutionary process that will take shape with the development of a transparent fast-moving market for gems, including emerging indices that may become accurate benchmarks for investors.Generally, we believe that issuing of securities based on precious stones is an undeniable prospect and that in the future it will take on different forms.In particular, the certificate reads: "The standards of this agency are established and used in strict accordance with the international system of research and classification for natural polished diamonds developed, introduced and promoted by the GIA and used around the world by gemologists having GIA.The standards of GIC-Centre have been introduced by gemologists working there and having GIA diplomas of GG (Graduate Gemologist) and / or Diamonds Graduate using all the knowledge, skills, information and expert examination standards obtained during their training at GIA.".This implies the development of advanced friendly services providing auction and non-auction sales, as well as a comfortable environment for both Russian investors and foreign market participants.Since January of this year, Brillianty mara global foods casino alrosa started a tryout selling of a small amount of certified diamonds through our auction.The second component of the technological basis is the work of gemologists.What can be said about the strategy of?At this point it should be stressed that all transactions are documented and collateralized on the ground in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.For colored stones and jewelry, as well as for stones fixed in jewelry we use the Gemological Centre of gemeksim, well known in Russia, as our expert base.What categories of diamonds are sold at your auctions and where have they been manufactured?In an interview to Rough Polished Evgeni Zyablov, the chief ideologist of the project and Member of the and Art Consulting Boards of Directors told about the work of this company.Accordingly, the parties discussed the need to create an infrastructure which would be able to maintain the turnover of stones having appropriate expert and service facilities.What are the specific features of this auction?What do you think about exchange-traded funds, ITFs involving diamonds?

From the point of view of protecting the interests of customers, we only sell the stones, the supply of which we can ensure, the stones, which physically exist.
Assets 1, investments of the assets of the Mandatory Deposit Insurance Fund 201,060 149,282 132,132.1 long-term 139,467 105,082 112,280.2 short-term 61,593 44,200 19,852 2, investments of the Agencys assets not being the Mandatory Deposit Insurance Fund 26,519 19,080 18,346.1 long-term 15,758 15,844 6,234.2 short-term.
The certification center started its work even earlier.