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Tera weekly bonus

You always go first when the shop is updated.
In addition youll receive 100 more gold and reputation for completing quests below level 65 for the full duration of your tera Club membership.The Village Atlas will allow you to teleport to villages, whilst the Travel Journal allows you to choose five locations to bookmark for quick teleportation.Click on Join tera Club and select a membership duration and payment method.How do I become a tera Club member?Youll also be bonus del settimo mese accompanied by the cute Dragonette, who automatically picks up loot for you.Plus youll get more Adventure Gold, which regenerates faster to boot.Free User, exclusive Mount, pet, boost Items, teleport Item.However in the tera Shop you can purchase tradeable 30-day memberships with tera Thalers.Teleport Item, get some items that make getting from A to B child's play.Each month receive 20 scrolls apiece for summoning a banker, a crystal merchant, a trade broker and a merchant.Tera Shop VIP Status, enjoy exclusive discounts and be among the first to pick up selected premium items.VIP Status with the Broker, in addition to the usual 10, place up to 40 further items into the trade brokers at the same time with 60 lower earnest money costs.Tera Club, exclusive Mount, pet, boost Items, teleport Item.More Rewards in Instances, receive two Valkyon's Response bonus packs containing useful consumables when your group completes a dungeon and you used the dungeon group search.Right from level 1, leap abreast a Spectral Tail and charge into your next adventure.Enter instances with a weekly limit twice as often and enjoy a 100 faster cooldown.Enjoy your tera Club membership!Additional dungeon refresh 100, instance Rewards 1x, tERA Shop VIP Status, daily Boosts.On top of that, you pay 33 lower fees on instant purchases.Gain access to three potions for boosting experience from monsters by 100.Details can be found in this guide: link.
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Additional dungeon refresh 200, instance Rewards 2x, tERA Shop VIP Status, daily Boosts.