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Spigot slot inventory

spigot slot inventory

@return the inventory public abstract Inventory getTopInventory * Get the lower inventory involved in this volvo bonus app transaction.
Indexes 36 bonus bagging review through 39 refer to the armor slots.
Enchanting * In an enchanting inventory, the bottom button's experience level * value.
For example to align to the middle: Smells like SlotRaw Porkchopalignmiddle in here!It follows the same path in the inventory like you would read a [email protected] The item on the player's cursor, or null if they aren't holding * one.If the title only contains formatting codes and no actual text, the formatting will be added to the normal title.public final void close getPlayer.closeInventory * Check the total number of slots in this view, combining the upper and * lower inventories.InvSprite, but if the specified item is not found, the template falls back to individual images in the format of Grid item name.png.p * Note: If you implement this interface but fail to satisfy the expected * contracts of certain methods, there's no guarantee that the game will work * as it should.Outside) if (slot getTopInventory.getSize else else item * Gets one item in this inventory view by its raw slot.Titles and description The title parameter can be used to set a title for all frames.For example, to display this mod image File:Grid Bronze Sword (IndustrialCraft).png : SlotIndustrialCraft:Bronze Sword (or SlotmodIndustrialCraftBronze Sword) shows Slots can be animated with a theoretically unlimited amount of frames, between mod items and vanilla items.public abstract class InventoryView public final static int outside -999; * Represents various extra properties of certain inventory windows.

@param item The item to put on the cursor, or null to remove the item * on their cursor.
Furnace * How many total ticks the current fuel should last.