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Spear sword medival 2 attack bonus stats

spear sword medival 2 attack bonus stats

At the fatal frame iv bonus mode Battle of Steppes 1213 Oman, Sir Charles (1991) 1924.
Alternatively, use your quick throw at mid-close range to catch them off guard, especially if they lack a shield to block the blow.The AI labels are - guncavalry, crossbow, gunmen, peasant, pike, incendiary (used on Naffatun artillery, cannon, rocket, mortar, explode, standard (like Great Cross) and wagon_fort (which seems to be unused).The Wars of the Ancient Greeks.This didn't mean that they were non deposit bonus 2017 less lethal, as obsidian may be sharpened to become many times sharper than steel.This guide is mainly a line-by-line breakdown, with a brief final section about the file and its limitations.The last value (1, 470, 185, 115, 90, 470, 4, 110 ) tells the game how much it goes.16 Originally a Frankish weapon, the winged spear also was popular with the Vikings.Armour_ug_levels 0 armour_ug_levels - This tells the game what the armor upgrades are.Accent German accent - This optional line will tell the unit to always speak with a particular accent.It is also practiced by the western chimpanzee.During these eras, the spear would develop into a longer lance-like weapon used for cavalry charges.Free_upkeep_unit - The unit can be supported for free in a city, like militia.Cavalry armed with pistols and other lighter firearms, along with a sword, had virtually replaced lance armed cavalry in Western Europe by the beginning of the 17th century.Basically, units with x hitpoints must be dealt a killing blow x number of times.Also given to ships.During this period, a clear difference remained between spears designed to be thrown and those designed to be used in hand-to-hand combat.The tepoztopilli was able both to thrust and slash effectively.These may be patched in the next update.
An example of how to use it: 11, impetuous, highly_trained, lock_morale stat_charge_dist 40 stat_charge_dist - This is the distance at which a unit begins a charge.
This does not affect how many florins it takes to recruit mercenaries.

Stat_pri_attr spear, long_pike, spear_bonus_8 stat_pri_attr - This sets any special attributes of the primary weapon.
Use it just like the stat_pri section.
It may seem self-explanatory, but some units have names which are not the same in the game's files as they are in-game.