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Soldier bonus power me2

Highest reccomendation: If ready for it, Flamethrower.
While lacking the shere total control over tech or biotics that Engineers or Adepts have, this class has a complete balance over the two, if slightly leaning the tech-side with the addition of Tech Armor.
Singularity is the answer.They may specialize in any weapon they choose and are the only class to have access to the assault rifle talent.Your other option is Cryo ammo, which will do less damage but slightly increase survivability due to the fact that you're slowing/freezing targets.If you're going to pop a power at the enemy, pick a bonus power you like instead.Add to that, many moments can have you lose your Tech Armor shielding during cooldown, which can cause Sentinels to panic.Do I need to play the OT before playing Andromeda?I know I usually say I like survivability, but bringing down sixt car rental deposit uk a banshee's shields a little more quickly will probably save me more than the 15 in damage than then 10 seconds of damage reduction would.Also check out our.You'll definitely be wanting your "oh crap" Adrenaline Rush button more often, and due to all the large targets you have to take down at the same time, the faster cooldowns might pay off better than the higher damage outputs.I tracked down Christina Norman, Lead Combat Designer.I still don't think it's worth it on Insanity.He has access to all three special ammo types, so he can customize his guns to take down any enemy.Having trouble lining up your sniper shot because the enemy is moving erratically?Your gunplay may stagnate, but adding a extra ammo power to your list of powers through the extra power upgrade will help.Unless you're upgrading all sorts of weapons you don't even use, you'll have plenty of credits.Soldiers are pure combat specialists.I car rental deposit avis find the increase in ammo capacity is fairly worthless.