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Iguazu Shopping Center - A Mall in The Strip A beautiful new interior with fully voiced NPCs mething hilarious.
Will be especially useful for snipers Strip Wall Billboards Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored Tops Casino Neon Restored Vault 74 Restored Better Doc Mitchell's House More like a "useful" overhaul for this casino 3000 spielautomaten starting cell. .The inspiration for it, as per author, was playing hundreds of hours of New Vegas and getting really bored of always having to walk up The Fort just to talk to Caesar.Also install the update file if you're not using "New Vegas clothes by zzjay V3" mod.Note #2 : If using this mod, make sure to use "no esp" version of Wasteland Flora Overhaul.Will fit any taste, as the strength of shaking is configurable in MCM.Companions Combat-Ready Simple yet very much needed function. .Baddarkl Perk Overhaul A complete overhaul of many others poor vanilla perks as well as some new really cool perks and traits.Just add the archive to your mod manager and install as usual.Credits and distribution permission, other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. Install EVE and WMX patches from this page.Immersive Needs by Edmond Noir Legacy compatibility for ingestibles.Don't worry, I'll remind you.Crippled Limbs Heal Over Time Somewhat cheating mod.Requirements, nexus requirements, off-site requirements, mods requiring this file, permissions and credits.Stability mods and tweaks, and their exact combination listed here has proven itself to give the best performance and stability - tested on different PCs, different Windows versions and by many different players.Follow the guide and use only what's recommended here.2 - The 'Librarian Of The Wastes' perk lets you craft your own (less effective) versions of skill books.Guide also has tips for merging, making merged patches, editing the mods and other advanced techniques.They have been added how to get free spins link in coin master to the leveled list and will spawn randomly among feral ghouls adults.Q: In future when.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.
DV's Custom Soundtrack Project - Wasteland Music In my personal opinion, this is the best and really most underrated replacer music pack for New Vegas.
Don't forget to install a fix for.

Didisaan - for being a patches machine.
It fixes bugs in vanilla animations and slightly improves them here and there.