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With Schlongs of casino games online for fun Skyrim you can now add variety to every NPC in your game!
A: You have to be sure that the new skeleton is SOS compatible or your game will CTD.Lydia, Housecarl of Breezehome "Before SOS I had to deal with dead people having constant erections.Thanks to everyone in general, that showed interest in having a rigged and animated penis.Features Game Assets Two base body shapes (Default/regular and BodyBuilder Body) 3 Schlong shapes with their own dedicated textures 5 Texture sets: Hairless, Hairy, Argonian, Khajiit, Werewolf Beast Skeleton with rigged male genitalia and Havok assets to animate it (does not require fnis, and works.All credit goes to SOS original authors: VectorPlexus and Smurf.It doesn't matter which mod you install first (SOS or MB when prompted for overwriting that skeleton f say yes.There is a "No schlong" option that works like the cleaning schlong feature of the schlong pages, but just for the actor you choose.It's for sure if you don't see the schlongification message (and the notifications are not hidden in MCM) In order to fix this issue in your savegame the main SOS quest must be restarted.Due to some ppl insistance, we were requested to release it here on The Nexus.They drop respectively from Dragons and Falmers.Failing to do so, will only make it harder for us (and consequently for you) monaco casino entry to determine what is the problem.Thanks to all our Beta Testers, that gave us feedback and helped at detecting bugs.How to use NMM if mod not on the Nexus.A: Because we have already released it previously in some less mainstream communities as an early Alpha Version.Q: Do I need to run fnis to make the schlongs animations work?SOS changes size only at game load and when you explicity use one of its features like MCM or potions.How to enable papyrus logging: Open i (My Documents/My Games/Skyrim) and add the following to it: Papyrus bEnableLogging1 bEnableTrace1 bLoadDebugInformation1 The logs will be created in My Documents/my games/skyrim/Logs/Script.Although the mod started by only aiming to provide it only for male characters, due to demand, it soon shifted to a full framework, capable of managing no deposit bonus 2015 sportsbook it to any possible race/gender.We expect with further development, to extend the shape "database".
Q: When I load a game, I always get a message stating that Actors and Armors are being Schlongified.

Thanks to everyone that is helping this project to grow and took initiative to make new mods to work with Schlongs of Skyrim Also thanks to the Baraboards and Hall of Torque communities, for giving their support.