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Bonus Dream Coins - Clear Floor 4, 5, 14, 15, 24, or 25 for 4 additional Buck Up!
1 Matrix Point will be obtained per level, after V Job Advancement has been completed.
The Reverse Appearance Coupon is now sold in major General Shops and from NPC Big Headward in the online live casino academy malta Friends Story School Uniform Shop.The timer will only be preserved if reconnection is done within the grand luxe casino login same day (before 2359hrs GMT8).Rewards Fistful of Moonlight can be obtained upon completion of Dimension Library Episode 5: Shadow Alchemist.The rate of obtaining Awakening Stamps and Elite Boss Soul Shards from Rare Treasure Boxes from Elite Bosses has been decreased.Ark Skills Ark switches seamlessly between his magical Flora form and the Fearful Spectre form to unleash his wide range of unforgiveable powerful skills.The location of Runes or Baits will now appear in the Mini-Map.Fixed an error where the wrong BGM was played in certain maps.After completing, arcana story quests, 2 Daily paddy power deposit bonus Quests will be requested, with the final quest awarding.Enhancement EXP for levelling Cores will no longer be lost when using previously enhanced cores as materials for enhancing new cores.The Guild UI can now be opened while in Damien.You can opt to complete Hungry Muto immediately and receive rewards based on the highest score you have received on the same day.Fallen World Tree Daily Quests Number of monsters required for Cleanse Fallen World Tree - Lower has been decreased from 300 to 100.You can opt to complete Dream Breaker immediately and receive rewards based on the highest score you have received on the same day.Unstable Arcane Symbols cannot be equipped.
The Ark Innocence Scroll resets all options except for the Potential, Additional Options, and Star Force Enhancement of the equipment.
You can obtain 3 daily quests a day.

Maple Achievements can now be sorted by "Completed" or "Incomplete" status.
Level Requirement : 235 Quest Pre-Requisite : Completed Moras Daily Quests once.
Kritias Daily Quests The overall duration spent on Daily Quests will be decreased, with the rewards remaining the same.