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Poker small and big blinds

poker small and big blinds

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Your opponents turns over pocket K-K and youve just doubled.Your opponent is going to have position on you throughout the hand, but hes still going to need to be holding something relatively strong to make that call.Using Independent Chip Modeling and the Nash Equilibrium you can solve every situation with your stack size and hand versus however many random hands are left to act behind you.Now that we've covered basic strategy, it's time to move to more advanced concepts.Fondly remembers the soup avatar at Doyles Room.Don't know what ICM and Nash Equilibrium are?You were caught bluffing and, unless you have a strong reason to believe that your opponent is also bluffing with a worse hand, just fold and fight another battle.This is the worst possible starting hand.The one exception is when there are only two players (a " heads-up " game when the player on the button is the small blind, and the other player is the big blind.It's easy for most players to release the worst possible hole cards when the prospect of winning is low, but what if your hole cards are J9 at the small blind, you call, and a J or an 8 and a 7 are flopped?You could flop a monster, and youll often get paid off well for.Playing the blinds properly is a very important aspect of winning strategy in Texas Holdem poker.Lets take a look at playing both the small blind and big blind and easy methods that can help turn the blinds from a slow bleed to a profitable position.Go to m and study the chartsor buy one to take with you to the card room.DON'T.spend another penny on yet another poker book.For this reason, you will see the flop in an unraised pot with any of the above hands and QT, JT, K8s, K7s, K6s, K5s, K4s, K3s, and K2s from the small blind.Some online cardrooms offer "short stack" tables where the maximum buy-in is 50 big blinds or less and/or "deep stack" tables where the minimum buy-in is 100 big blinds or more.As you gain experience and learn how certain opponents play and learn to read different situations, you will be able to play many different hands many different ways.