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Poker overcard

Find the meaning of the term "overcard in poker along with two simple examples of its usage.
We could describe this by saying that there are two overcards on the flop.
November 24 2018, poker Glossary, what is Overcard?
Our site now serves as a niche comunity for poker related software programmers and scripters.Outplay, when a player is able to get what he wants in a hand by usin.Here are two common examples.Related Topics: Underpair, Pair, Top Pair, Middle Pair, Bottom Pair.A group of cards that is higher than a second group of cards,.g.Example 2, we have no deposit free bet offers AQo and the flop comes down 952 rainbow.Out, poker term that refers to the number of cards that will impr.The term is commonly.Off suit, an Off Suit hand in poker is one where a player's two cards.Example 1, in Holdem we have a big pair preflop (JJ) and the flop texture comes down as KQx.Flop, Protection, Holdem, Pair, Hand Rankings.The term refers to a player who opens the action on a table.Lower pairs are more susceptible to being outdrawn since there are simply more overcards that can hit.Open ended straight flush draw, a powerful draw that combines the open ended straight draw.
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An overcard in this situation means that there is a chance to hit top pair if a future board card pairs with an overcard.

Offsuit, two cards that have different suits.
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