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Poker barcelona 2018 live

poker barcelona 2018 live

Po raz pierwszy EPT Barcelona rozpocznie się od emocjonujących turniejów.
He used up a time bank chip, then folded to drop.1 million.
Wang checked, and Nurzynski continued for 700,000.
Wang called and both players checked the J turn to head to the 6 river.Adam Owen a 10 100K Super High Roller, april 10-11, 2018, jake Schindler a 3 1,750,000.Another tough spot for Haoxiang Wang The 5 completed the board and Nurzynski went for it, betting.2 million.Here are the details: Haoxiang Wang 1,023,701 Piotr Nurzynski 857,109 Ognyan Dimov 725,621 Pedro Marques 698,369 The winner will get an additional 180,000 and Platinum Pass to pspc.Wang: K8 Dimov: K7 Ognyan Dimov: Former champ falls in third Wang gave himself a little fist pump for making the correct call and he was even happier after he survived a 4A26Q board.Ognyan Dimov tried to get frisky security deposit for renting with A4, but his.2 million three-bet was treated to an all-in re-raise.1 million and Dimov made a quick fold.Dimov made the call to the 3 turn which was checked through to the A river.This option will become available nearer the event.The turn was the 3, and Wang pushed out a big bet of 4 million.Pedro Marques picked up AT and raised to 525,000 from under the gun.Wang checked again, and this time Nurzynski checked behind.Marques took his time and then raised.25 million, to protect his hand as Randy Lew suggested on commentary.Nurzynski back up.25 million.Nurzynski continued his aggression the next logo casino de montreal hand by raising to 900,000 with.Tikerpe stared his opponent down and then let his hand go to drop.35 million.MH 1:25pm: Marques claims orphaned pot Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (BB ante 200,000) Haoxiang Wang raised to 200,000 from the hijack seat holding QT, Pedro Marques called from the cutoff holding A4, and chip leader Piotr Nurzynski called from the big blind holding.MC 7:18pm: Nurzynski bluffs, wins small one, and they're even again.Bye time for Matthias Tikerpe Tikerpe stood from the table to watch the community cards come, knowing he needed to improve to keep his tournament run going.

MC 1:40pm: Dimov calls down Tikerpe, collects Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (BB ante 200,000) It was a limped pot between Ognyan Dimov (small blind) and Matthias Tikerpe (big blind) when the flop came 6T2.
Both checked the 679 flop, then the J came on the turn.