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Poe map bonus atlas

Sitting somewhere in the middle ground with an incomplete, inefficient Atlas could result in you not only running maps with Bosses that result in deaths or layouts that are simply put, wrong.
They contain multiple Shaper-influenced zone mods and give additional items when cleared, such as sextants, Orbs of Horizons, Cartographer's Chisels, Shaper rares, and unique items, which also can be league-specific.
My advice is to decide on your goal if you plan to map and stick with it as changing your Atlas later with.
Bosses of these bingospel köpa maps can drop extra sextants, cartographer's chisels, Shaper-influenced items, and unique items.Any map dropped has a 100 chance to roll into a Tier 6 and then that Tier 6 has a 25 chance to go into a Tier.You are going to still have the exact same variety of completed maps in your Atlas and in the same tiers as you finished them.These will appear once you have met the Shaper.Initially, Shaper influenced maps will appear on the Atlas, marked with a cosmic background surrounding the map.They have multiple Shaper Influence mods active.The rarity requirements to achieve a completed map include the following: Map Tier 1-5: Magic (Blue) Use an Orb station casino online video poker of Transmutation.For instance, should you have two Tier five maps with completed bonus objectives but the maps you initially completed have changed Tier, you can nonetheless have two Tier 5 maps with completed bonus objectives when your Atlas merges, but what the bonus objectives are may.New areas are much more likely to spawn on or adjacent to Elder-influenced maps; but can only replace Elder-influenced if a map adjacent to it was previously Shaper-influence.Using this to your advantage is what it means to Shape your Atlas and refine your map pool to remove paf casino bonuskoodi unwanted maps.Clearing Shaper-influenced areas next to an Elder-influenced area will cause that map to become Elder-influenced.Connections can also be severed when Shaper-influence replaces Elder-influence (see above).A map can only ever roll 2 Tiers higher than its base, so our Tier 5 can never drop anything higher than a Tier.After all 8 Strongholds are cleared, they will have a chance to spawn periodically.For this example, we are assuming that A is a red, tier 11-16 map (always crafting the map we are running first as red maps are far more expensive to reroll).So, if you complete 100 maps, your Atlas will provide you with a 100 chance to upgrade every map that drops.They can be utilized to a min-max the map you are choosing to farm consistently.Clearing a Shaper's Stronghold will not spread Elder-influence.Keep in mind that once corrupted it cannot be altered, so if you are running a build that cannot handle a particular mod like for example Elemental Reflect, you will have to sell the map or run it with another character as the Atlas.The Elder-influenced area has a chance to expand to non-influenced areas when you complete a map, but will not grow if a Shaper-influenced area is in the way.3.4.0 Added a new Atlas of Worlds feature: Shaper's Strongholds.
When and Why to Complete a Map.

Keep in mind that completing a map also removes the completion bonus that map provided.