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Only 2 bonus objectives in nagrand

only 2 bonus objectives in nagrand

If you had 0 quest competition and were leveling in a group with all the pathing we developed after the fact, we expect the time save to be over a hour.
Don't think this is better than just doing a quick 8-10 minute dungeon though since most of the quests seem really out of the way from the optimal path for the main zone story.
92) Unexpected Allies (Save for after the other quests in the cave) 93) Guhruhlruhlruh 94) Deep in the Cavern 95) Stonedark Relics -Hearth to Thunder Totem, turn in "Unexpcted Allies "The Skies of Highmountain "The High Chieftian" and the Drum quests- -Get the breadcrumb quest.
General Prep- If you don't have one already, join a group that's farming coins/turtle mounts/ect in the WOD Garrison for coins to buy a Crimson Water Strider.Enchanting actually gives you 3 incredibly easy quests for 15k xp each right in the first quest hub.Can shave a lot of time with several things we pathed out after the fact.FFR/SMV Bonus Objectives - Not worth the time at all.Once you get "The Ancient Trials" questing is the same until you get to the end of the quest chain that unlocks the Halls of Valor dungeon quest.4) Assault and Battery 5) See Ya Later, Oscillator 6) Supplies From the Skies 7) The Lost Legion 8) Lightning Rod 9) Pins and Needles 10) Signal Boost 11) The Ancient Trials Note: Use a Goblin Glider all the way to complete "The Ancient Trials".Most dungeons in my group are like 8-15 minutes in length depending on which one we're doing.Turn in all the Monster Hunter/Prove Your Worth quests, also do the bonus objectives Move south to Talador, finish all 4 bonus objectives there Move to spires and work your way down the coast and finish all the objectives there Hearth to your garrison and.These objectives cannot be abandoned, but will disappear if a player leaves the area without completing exchange traded certificates of deposit them.Highmountain When you land in Thunder Totem, bind your hearthstone (the floor you land on) Note that the quest next to the innkeeper IS buggy AS fuck AND IS also THE slowest escort ever made DO NOT pick.Legion rewards, edit, this section concerns content exclusive.About me: I made ConsLegion, so this is ConsLegion.0 Im Zyrraél on Twisting Neather-Eu.Addons: Handy Notes Legion Treasures Auto Quest Turn In Self explanatory addons.If you're above 50 into 108 at this point it may be worth it to skip this quest, since it flies you to the northern tip of Highmountain and requires you to fly all the way back to Nesingwary after the fact.Have your character logged out in gorgrond.Mar'goks Overwatch end quests - 34,000xp.There are several bonus objectives in each zone.Imbued Crystal Icon Imbued Crystal: starts A Curious Crystal (10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket).20-100 Paths are balanced around Warmode and Heirlooms!Fallen Adventurer's Journal Icon Fallen Adventurer's Journal: starts The Captured vargunge snö o kyla slot Journal (5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket).Which is a big upgrade from 743 ilv most people in mythic gear have even.
Teddyruxpins - Brutalls friend.

Note: This has been tested after the nerfs to WOD content XP nerfs, it's also intended for boosted characters if you care about doing pre-expansion content XP gains in a minimal amount of time.
Also don't crater like Zeal.
Most Bonus Objectives in, legion will reward, order Resources and experience (if not at level cap ).