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Object empty slot

These properties can then be used to interact with the object in the same way as invoking the object s methods, as demonstrated below: / Assume map is a legacy platform object implementing the OrderedMap interface.
All other objects in the system would not be treated as platform objects.
Overview of and topical guide to object recognition object recognition" redirects here.Dictionaries A dictionary is a definition (matching Dictionary ) used to define an ordered map data type with a fixed, ordered set of entries, termed dictionary members, where keys are strings and values are of a particular type specified in the definition.; partial namespace namespace_identifier namespace_members.If youre creating an API that needs such a forEach method, please file an issue.NOT_found_ERR (8) "NotSupportedError" The operation is not supported.Interface mixins An interface mixin is a definition (matching interface MixinRest ) that declares state and behavior that can be included by one or more interfaces, and that are exposed by objects that implement an interface that includes the interface mixin.Long long The long long type is a signed integer type that has values in the range.Each node in the tree represents a set of matches.There are two types that can be used to refer to exception objects: domexception and Error, where the latter encompasses simple exceptions and domexception.If there are large numbers of votes in any object s accumulator array, this can be interpreted as evidence for the presence of that object at that pose.This library would be considered to be a different implementation from the browser provided implementation.Sequence types sequence T The sequence T type is a parameterized type whose values are (possibly zero-length) lists of values of type.See Indexed properties and Named properties for details.Ieee-754 float constant values in IDL are represented with decimal tokens.So: def f(a,.Scale-invariant feature transform (sift) edit Keypoints of objects are first extracted from a set of reference images and stored in a database An object is recognized in a new image by individually comparing each feature from the new image to this database and finding candidate.
The identifier of any of the abovementioned IDL constructs must not be "constructor "toString or begin with a U005F bom poker malta LOW line character.
; Note: Operations can have no identifier when they are being used to declare a special kind of operation, such as a getter or setter.