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N-hvr 762 nol 1 open slot

Here im Testing the top price of Joker Mystery Box 4 in APB Reloaded Enjoy.:Ill recommend Using Hunting sight 1or Bandolier 3 on this gun.
APB: Reloaded Loadouts (Face-cam N-HVR 762 please rate the video, it helps ) Leave a Loadout in the comments AND up-vote your favorite of someone else.
APB: Reloaded Loadouts (N-HVR 243 Scout RT1).
APB Reloaded - N-HVR 762 Montage Generalen.APB Reloaded Gameplay N-HVR Sitting Duck.p Wanna see videos with an awesome APB player?Sup everyone, i got a sniper montage for you and its not anything "wow" amazing shit just that i was bored and wanted to edit something so i took a few clips and).Inscreva-se para acompanhar o Canal.First mission I uploaded.A modular N-HVR 762 with attachments for up to 3 custom Modifications.This is the review of the newly released N-HVR 762 Silenced PR1 by APB.Damage, health Damage 850, stamina Damage 300, hard Damage 102, dropoff Range 90 m, min Damage Range 100.Then check out Lopez's channel!Per Shot Modifier.00, shot Modifier Cap.00, recovery Delay.750, recovery Per Second.00, crouch Modifier.4, walk Modifier 9, run Modifier 12 Sprint Modifier 18 Jump Modifier 96 Marksman Modifier.20 In Vehicle Modifier 1 Marksman FoV 16:9 35 Marksman FoV 4:3.Minimum Damage 60, other, equip Time.10 sec, fire Interval.750 sec.Reload Time.20 sec, resupply Delay.00 sec, aMMO, accuracy, accuracy Radius at 10m.Last-modified: 11:26:07 85, n-HVR 243HVR762.15.0, pathfinderN-HVR 243, pSRN-HVR 762, mOD.APB: Reloaded Loadouts (N-HVR 243-SD PR2).2.When accuracy is at unaimed accuracy or lower, you now do 280 damage.This increases up to fully accurate, where you do 850 damage.
Tier 2, victoria 1 tallink casino miguel Estebano / Seung Bloodrose 2: OCA-EW 626.2 "Silverado" (Magazine Pull 2, Cooling Jacket 1) 3: Kevlar Implants 2 4: nfas-12b "Red Star V2" (Magazine Pull 2, 3-Point Sling 1) 5: ACT 44 6: DMR-SD II "Assassin 5Zero R2" (3-Point Sling 2, Improved.