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V14: (Fall 1970) PDF 564.4KB* The Master of bingo historia Disguise: My Secret Life in the d&d 5e cleric spell attack bonus CIA by Antonio Mendez.
V46:1-31-38 (2002) PDF 455.5KB* Describes Himmler's unsuccessful efforts to persuade the US, through OSS channels, that he would be willing to overthrow Hitler if the US and Great Britain agreed to make a common front with a Himmler-led Germany against the Soviet Union.
Prunko, Donald., "Recruitment in Moscow", Stud.W., "Waging Economic Warfare from London", Stud."America's First Encrypted Cable" by Ralph.V2:3-43-44 (Summer 1958) PDF 111KB* Robarge, David., "Richard Helms: The Intelligence Professional Personified", Stud.V4:3-A19-A26 (Summer 1960) PDF 402KB* Presents Soviet's distorted views of US intelligence organs and operations (1960s much like Soviet espionage and subversion appears to US eyes.M., "Observations on the Double Agent", Stud.V36: (Spring 1964) PDF.4MB* Kent, Sherman, "Allen Welsh Dulles: ", Stud.V1:4-11-18 (Fall 1957) PDF 392KB* The author argues that intelligence products, especially National Estimates, frequently lose value because they become delayed and their judgments watered down through needlessly detailed bureaucratic coordination.1, 1997: 97-102, PDF 476.2KB* Chronicles the evolution of the oversight committees since 1976, their relationships with the Iintelligence Community and White House, the laws enacted, and their role up to 1996.Spells out the value of the museum in putting a public face on the super secret NSA.Provides guidance on how to detect possible arrest, prepare oneself psychologically and operationally for prison and interrogation, recognize gambits, and maintain stability.V7:2-A13-A17 (Spring 1963) PDF 225KB* Kennedy, David and Leslie Brunetta, "Lebanon and the Intelligence Community", Stud.V5:2-17-23 (Summer 1961) PDF 372KB* Schreckengost,.V1:4-11-18 (Fall 1957) PDF 392KB* "A Close Call in Africa" by Richard.Konovalov, A and.Winter 1998/99:113-121, PDF 751.2KB* Describes the ideal military requirements for imagery intelligence at a tactical and command level, current limited capabilities in that area, problems in Intelligence Community/military coordination, equipment design and defense, and suggests some steps to be taken.Shows how Open Source Intelligence (osint) is of value to North Korea.V37:5-17-23 (1994) PDF 989.6KB* Top of page "A Cable from Napoleon" by Edwin.Ed., Fall 2000:149-165, PDF.3MB* A lead photointerpreter provides a detailed account of the photointelligence and analysis that discovered long-range, offensive Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962, tracked Soviet preparations for making them operational, and monitored their removal at the conclusion of the Cuban missile.V5:2-A35-A-41 (Spring 1961) PDF 355KB* Courier pigeons dropped in occupied Europe proved of no intelligence value but accidentally bolstered invasion deception standard bank safety deposit box sandton efforts.

V17:2-39-69 (Summer 1973) PDF 773.9KB* Hour-by-hour, blow-by-blow account of the bureaucratic battle to establish an independent Coordinator of Information in 1942.
V10:3-25-29 (Summer 1966) PDF 166.8KB* "Why CIA Analysts Were So Doubtful About Vietnam" by Harold.
V8:1-16-47 (Winter 1964) PDF.8MB* The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen by Reinhard Gehlen.