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Copy these 2 files from another theme gmail 2017 security checkup bonus (Such as nature) and customise them as you wish.
Now in the landing pages list, the icon with the little cog indicates that the page is a preference center one.
Let's start by creating a blank file in the pages file called.You should now have something more readable.We'll fix this later.BrowserSync - Working together with Gulp, your browser is automatically refreshed to see any changes you have made.Uploading the New Theme FTP the folder to the /themes directory of your install.Setting Preference Center Pages in Emails.Add the following to the _ss file.header.container background: black;.footer.container background: black;.footer,.header p, a color: #fff; padding-top: 15px; text-align: center; font-size: small-font-size; The footer should now be black with white text and if any other blocks are added to the header area they will get the.Due to the way mautic works, we're going to use a wrapper tag for each different section so that it's possible to change the colour of the background in the Mautic editor.We still have blue links for the bottom links though and that doesn't look good.You can either keep these or just delete them (keep all the rules related to tables).Add the following to the ml file after the header information containing the subject: wrapper data-section-wrapper"1" class"header" container row class"collapse" columns small"12" div data-slot-container"1" div data-slot"image" img src 580x150" alt" /div /div /columns /row /container /wrapper The wrapper is a full-width element so that.Having just built a theme using it, I feel that there are some very large benefits to using it for Mautic Email themes.Since the subject in a Mautic theme is going to be dynamic we can just set the subject to subject and then modify it when we set up our Mautic theme later.So let's get started and build one.

These slots in the builder are used to customize the page: Optionally, you can use tokens to insert the different slots.