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Mass effect 3 gibbed add bonus powers

Take note however that you CAN'T remove default powers and in order to keep non bonus powers you have to type: Set sfxpowerCustomActionBase IsBonusPower true in the console every time you start up the game.
(Higher number faster.) Reapers' detection time and Chase Go to i sfxgamecontent sfxgalaxymapreaper Reduce all of these to nerf the reapers, or increase them to make searching for war assets more of a challenge.
You can assign buttons to execute commands from external text files.
For this example, the arm piece of the N7 armor (the first item on the list) is edited to become this: This piece will now contain every bonus stat available.The above two values fix accuracy when not holding down right mouse, or aiming.Example: Value0.05 5 bonus Value0.10 10 bonus Editing FOV Edit Go to i sfxgame sfxgamemodedefault bindings ( Name"F1 Command"set sfxgame.Note: Some users report motas game bonus the correct number to use for Vega's conversation to unlock bonus powers is 1282, not 1281.Easy to browse and search by address all.ini files that are in n container, and move values across different inis.This file stores your achievements and bonus power unlocks.It will redownload the DLC for you.Note: This is tested and mostly working.Bear in mind that there could be no visible output from your commands, but they will work (if properly entered)."zoomaimerror" is for accuracy while aiming.Removing the mesh reference completely in the line so that it would look as follows: This results in the helmet mesh being removed, leaving Shepard without any headgear.It is recommended to backup your career for the option to revert back later.Note: Gibbed's DLC n Extractor does not properly serialize Type 3 and Type 4 entries which will make duplicate elements appear in multiple places in the game, such as maplists and store items.
Tools, edit, wenchy Coalesced Utility, this is the recommended editor for novices.