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Lego indiana jones 2 crystal skull part 3 bonus levels

U-Boat 26: Destroy the silver box on the island with the Ark to reveal a key.
Smash the golden treasure chests to turn them into piles of lego pieces.
Below are the stages for the.
Enemy Boxer: Hop on the Flying Wing and shoot down the hot air balloons to reveal him egen insättning enskild firma visma inside the airfield.Build them into an air pump, then step on the button to inflate him, allowing you to purchase him for 75,000 studs.Enemy Soldier (Desert Defeat the enemies near the dig site, allowing you to purchase him for 15,000 studs.Bonus level 1 - jungle japes.The entrance to this Bonus Level is found on the island in the lily pad pool just below the large UFO.Then hang on each spear to lower the spikes blocking the entrance.You can purchase it for 30,000 studs.I do not own, or pretend to own any information above, any information posted above by me is to be used only to help this community and for no other purpose.This will open the gate, giving you access to the airfield.Bandit Swordsman: Complete the race with the camel to reveal him, allowing you to purchase him for 27,000 studs.Pick up the lego head and place it on the green plate on the side of the building to open the door.
Use the Staff of Ra to direct the light at the mirror.
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 3 Super Bonus Level.

Pick it up and place it in the slot, then turn it to reveal this.
Vehicles, passenger Jet: Dig this out of the snow near the tavern, allowing you to purchase it for 100,000 studs.