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Legion bonus objectives addon

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Increase damage.
Whirl of slots gol fish hd Rage Stat boost and AoE stun.For example the Xiutleato is a great offhand for fodder early in your career.Once you immediately merit that to 60 you need to spend job points to gain access.Daily quests represent your main means of earning reputation with the Tillers.You can drop Quadratic or Blazing Bound for Animating Wail and then remove Flutter if you have double marches from a decent BRD or a RDM or SMN giving haste II reliably.You can not be stunned or terrored while petrified for example.Augment it with Occasionally Attacks Twice and Crit rate 4, not accuracy.Increase skillchain damage by 1 percent.The lack of accuracy (skill) makes this weapon drop off fast.Useful for cleaning up your personal cache when it has too much stuff in it and is unmanageable.This map starts a quest line: The Old Map ; Just A Folk Story ; Old Man Thistle's Treasure, which rewards Old Man Thistle's Treasure, an item that contains: The Heartland Legacy, which grants Ain't Lost No More.That is the floor pretty much in terms of damage as the rest of BLUs AoE nukes, especially the new big 8 hybrid elemental nukes, are even more powerful.So that counts for something, right?However, I personally enjoy being able to actually play the game and not worry.Then I know I was better off just keeping.So you need to pick what to lose.There are two types on enmity: Cumulative Enmity (CE) Volatile Enmity (VE) Both cap at 30,000 each.
How things actually work.
So now you are fighting big boy mobs here, but you can.

Choosing What to Drop Here is a mistake I can see someone making.