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Kraken cad deposit time

kraken cad deposit time

BUT then, when you click the "Wire Transfer" option, it says in bold, "Fidor only accepts wire transfer deposits from sepa zone countries.".
Let's not get into a flame war.Please use different amounts for each deposit.No all legion bonus objectives locations referral links in submissions.Duplicate deposit amounts : Make sure you don't send multiple deposits with the same amount within 3 business days of each other.You will be shown bank account details, a deposit reference, and other instructions.Processing times for our fiat currency funding methods may vary, but estimates are listed below.I will attach some images so that all of this makes more sense.All of this makes zero sense.Submissions that are mostly about some other cryptocurrency belong elsewhere.This subreddit is not about general financial news.Account ownership : Make sure the name on the bank account matches the name on your Kraken account.If your wire transfer transaction does not arrive within the estimated time frame above, click here for the steps to take.Other Credit Unions this wires as well.What do I do?The first option which says "sepa" is only for EEA countries only, no deposit bonus forex june 2017 which is mentioned in the FAQ page of the website.Also one more thing I want to mention, when I went to my bank yesterday, they told me they needed the iban number, which they only provide when you click the sepa option.