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Holy priest t21 set bonus value

Vael - Should have 100 uptime of max rank.
Here are some good fights from MC, BWL, and AQ40 that I think really can make renew shine: MC, shazzrah - Pretty nice to avoid the counterspell and keep heals going.
Some guild mates and I have begun thinking about how the allocation of BRF gear will be decided.
On 1/10/2017 at 11:26 AM, Haestingas said: For the people advocating renew, I encourage you to download DPSmate which tracks all your healing and lets you really see how much renew is actually doing.Flash Heal heal binding Heal as required, using, prayer of Mending and the Holy Words as usual.You need to know when it's good and how to make it effective.The holy priest toolkit revolves around our Holy Words (.Therefore, I force all of my priests to use this macro in place of their max rank renew to make sure this doesn't happen: /run local checktrue; for i1,32 do if UnitBuff target i)nil then if then checkfalse; end end end if checktrue then CastSpellByName Renew(Rank.Serendipity (casting filler spells while a Holy Word is ready to cast) is present in even the best parsing logs, and eats into the effectiveness of the set.I typically spam.It is highly dependent on the fights.Should I drop T21 for higher ilvl off pieces?When raid wide damage is being taken, casting gets a little busier with Binding Heal and Prayer of Healing alternating, as well as using both Holy Words when applicable and keeping Prayer of Mending on cooldown.It may be on accident or it may be to try to look better on the meters but you are essentially wasting your mana and the other priests' mana by doing this.Golemagg - Extremely good to use on melee.But if you are healing proactively and there is a lot of damage going out on the raid it is actually extremely effective.Binding Heal, a few more levels will be required when running piety, or with less opportunity to alternate spell casts.Can spam down rank on melee.Depending on circumstances, this can give us divinity uptimes approaching.If the majority of it is going into overhealing then your guild is either overgeared for the content or you have too many healers.It is not worth spending mana on Prayer of Healing if it wont effectively heal.T21, the T21 bonuses (initially casilando casino 50 free spins a 30 buff to both 2 and 4 pieces).This was a reasonable assessment, especially coming from the Vestments of Blind Absolution (T20).Contents, tL;DR, when do I swap to T21?
This allows us to raid heal for longer periods without danger of using all of our mana too early.
Cthun - Lots of movement gives you time to use it quite a bit).

Priests have logged fights with up to 114k hps combined benefit (2 piece 4 piece some have logged even greater numbers with T21.