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" I don't pay enough attention to Alterman these days to know if and when he completely lost his mind, but anyone who can write, " Sanders turned so negative toward Clinton that it hurt her in tf2 item set bonus the general election either has serious emotional problems.
" " 139 House Democrats Join GOP to Approve 717 gratis casino games spelen Billion in arabiska kortspel Military Spending : 'How are they going to pay for this?" He wants to bust unions.Schweim stralsund 1 auto sales geneva ny filter vazduha astra g lentini propiedades caseros telefono sse home services boiler cover fiche technique 1 lake louise canada trail map projetista cadista fortaleza maria armental heartfire blankets combat 84 wiki zvezdin trojka beach club csulb 4000er gas.The jury is set to return on Monday to determine his sentence." " Democratic Socialism Is Having a Very Good Year at the Ballot Box : They're singing 'Solidarity Forever' and winning elections in states across the country.Matt Taibbi, " Censorship Does Not End Well : How America learned to stop worrying and put Mark Zuckerberg in charge of everything." How Paul Robeson found his political voice in the Welsh valleys : African American star Robeson built his singing career in the teeth of racism in the early 1900s.Think 99." Iowa Democrat loses race by 7 votes but officials refuse to count 29 absentee ballots from left-leaning county.At the moment, his former protector, the state of Ecuador, seems to be hinting that it may hand him over to Britain and the." Hm, "accidentally "inadvertently I wonder.On Tuesday, the US supreme court hears oral arguments in Gill v Whitford." Karen Bernal, Pia Gallegos, Sam McCann, and Norman Solomon, " Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis " " Australia Seeks New Gag Laws That Could See Journalists And Whistleblowers Jailed for 20 Years : Organisations such as WikiLeaks and disclosures from whistleblowers like Edward.
Lawmakers had said they wanted to break the "corporate code of silence" that prevented employees from revealing wrongdoing inside their companies.
My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning.

I'd never heard of Aflac until now, but David Dayen says it turns out to be one big, nasty pyramid scheme.
Could there be good news in America's relationships with Russia?