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Get a safety deposit box

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If you alone rent the box, the box will be sealed when you die, and it could be weeks or months before its opened. .
A general rule of thumb on what items you should put in the safe deposit box is: If you can't replace it or if it's really expensive to replace, then it should go in the box.The contents of a safe deposit box are not insured in the same way as bank deposits.Insurers will often give a discount for storing high-value items in a safe deposit box. .Into the safe-deposit box it should go, along with the title to your car(s).However, here's a more detailed list of items to include.Check out Dave's life-changing class.Jewelry or rare collectibles.If the name isn't listed, the person isn't able to open the box.We can help you with the why, and then uncomplicate the steps to take care of the how.If a safe deposit box renter wants insurance on the items within the safe deposit box, they'll need to purchase it on their own.Social Security cards, contracts and other legal papers, a videotape inventory of your household items.Before you lock them away, make photocopies or record their serial numbers and file at home.
A safe deposit box is simply a locked box at your bank.

Instead, experts recommend having a designated power of attorney, who can access your safe deposit box in case you can't.
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If you want access to emergency cash 24/7, better to hide it somewhere at home.