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Fire emblem heroes arena arena character bonus stack

All players participating in the Arena are placed into tiers.
Season 82 Active : T07:00:00Z to T22:59:59Z.
Win Streak Reward 1 3000 Hero Feathers bra bonusar casino 2 100 Arena Medals 3 10 Sacred Coins 4 1 Orb 5 10 Refining Stones Offense edit edit source The player gains feathers dependent on their Offense Score.All but one team is completely empty, the filled one will be used.Advanced: This team will have a higher level of investment than the player's.Season 88 Active : T07:00:00Z to T22:59:59Z.Starting with Season 51, Fjorm is added to the rotation of the starter heroes and takes turns with Sharena.The following season (Season 51 the arena map rotation schedule was then changed to accommodate these new maps.Starting in Season 10, Hero Battle heroes were det schyssta casino included in the Arena Bonus Hero rotation in pairs.Surrendering when viewing which opponents to battle will use up the Dueling Sword but will not end the bonus streak.Along with this, in the game, you can fight against the enemies or teams of other players.This application has the feature of controlling your Android phone through your mouse and keyboard.Seasons 38-39 Season 38 Active : T07:00:00Z to T22:59:59Z.Only fight against Advanced players to maximize score.Season 56 Active : T07:00:00Z to T22:59:59Z.For example, Sophia and Gunter are the 1st and 7th heroes in the Hero Battle rotation maps, Virion and Cecilia are 2nd and 8th, etc.Distant Counter 300 SP is worth more points than a 200 SP skill).
Season 41 Active : T07:00:00Z to T22:59:59Z.

The score penalty for each loss is as follows: Losses, score 0, maximum Score 1 -10 (90 of Max Score) 2 -20 (80 of Max Score) 3 -30 (70 of Max Score once a player wins 5 battles in a row or loses/surrenders a battle.
133k total attack lance girl has2.7k locked out tiles.
Seasons 100-101 Notification Season 100 Active : T07:00:00Z to T22:59:59Z.