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Block, dodge, stealth, synergy, finesse, pvE combat, combat skills and action bar.Bank Space One Bank per Account.Permissions for concerning the editing, creation, and deletion of builds is connected to your uesp Wiki account.Attributes - Choose your distribution of 64 attributes between Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Learn the base rotation first so you can understand the flow of it, and then add in the extra fancy stuff like bar swap cancelling of longer animations.Hold shift while clicking the /- button to change values.Note that currently there are no set limits on the number of CPs you can purchase like there are in-game.It is this value that determines your character's "CP Level" and not the number of CPs purchased in the "CP" tab. It also offers wonderful utility by having a chance to proc secondary effects like Chilled (Minor Maim Burning (Burning DoT and 20 bonus damage with Fire Wall of Elements and Concussed (Minor Vulnerability and setting enemies Off-Balance with Lightning Wall of Elements). Try to keep this up 100, especially when using the Volatile Pulse.There are some set effects, however, which are not always "on" and you may wish to test both enabled and disabled (ex: Moleg Kena, Spell Power Cure, etc.). You may need to spend some Attribute points or enchants in Health to make sure youre healthy enough though!Begin spam mode; repeatedly Light Attack or Heavy Attack weaving Force Pulse.If you dont have only 2 bonus objectives in nagrand access to AS, you can use a 4 piece bonus of whatever trial jewelry set you chose for some extra Spell Damage instead.Nearly every skill line has one or more spells or attacks which have synergy, and all Ultimate skills have them.Computed Statistics edit The Computed Character Statistics list is shown on the right-hand of the screen and lists all the various statistics as calculated from the inputs entered on the left-hand sections.The third way to gain more inventory space is using your bank. These include; Power or Crit Surge (20s duration Potions (47.3s duration, 45s cooldown) Begin placing DoTs.You can quickly purchase all skills in a skill line by using the "Purchase Line" button in the top-right corner of the skill window.Effective Level - This is a computed value based from your level and CP level from 1 to 66 (as of Summer 2016).
Youre free to have Infused on large pieces if you want to enchant for Max Health to help survivability, or Magicka to help a tiiiiny bit with sustain.

You can save build in-game using the uespLog add-on.