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Eso addon more skill slots

Kill Counter Kill Counter adds ESO to the pool of games in which you can boast about K/D.
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You can mark items as junk with dozens of different options such as depending on their rarity, traits or quality.
It provides many other trade-related improvements such as showing you guild sales and sales tax income.Its features are Unit Frames, Active Buff Tracking, Combat Log, Scrolling Combat Text, Damage Statistics and Advanced Hotbar.It also has support for French, German, Japanese or Russian and English names.You have addons that change the quickbar so that you can press a single button to use the function buttons to use up to 12 different potions with a single click.You need to actually discover them to see the tips, though.Furniture Catalogue gives you the full list of every furniture in the game and you can sort them with different filters.Maybe you guys should rethink what these addons are intended for.I don't believe it can't be done either because WoW has the same thing with.lua files and they have added skill slots with those 80 skill slots, keno 603 odds as I said before I'm not stupid.Harvens Trait and Style This small quality of life improvement addon for ESO adds more additional information to a weapons/armors tooltip, those being armor/weapon style and knowledge about its trait and whether it is known, being researched or researchable.Itemization Browser lets you browse and filter every single item set in the game and see its level and attributes.Destinations, as you can understand from its name, Destinations marks the various points of interest on your map, such as Crafting Locations, Solo Dungeons, Group Events, Group Delves.Wykkyds Framework Wykkyds Framework is a addon collection for ESO which has a lot of essential modules.Contact US: IN-game MAL (PC EU Server) @marius_buys, facebook, golden Clover ESO m/groups/ discord /Qqv2Zzz requirements: * Pay poker färg kåk weekly guild fee.5K per week.FCM Quest Tracker There are a lot of quest tracker addons for ESO out there, but FCM Quest Tracker is probably the most adjustable.Also lots of guildies give away free stuff in guild chat like vamp or ww bites, learnable items.True Exploration If you are feeling extra masochistic while playing ESO, you can use True Exploration. .It also features a built-in minimap, if you do not have another minimap addon, which you can keep on your screen to locate treasure or surveys easier.Because everything is better with friends 11) claim PvP keeps For da glory!Look you only have so much magika and so much stamina to use so it's not like you are going to be able to use unlimited skills anyways, I just want to be able to use ones for certain situations much like your potions quickbar.He is a 9 trait crafter in all the professions.