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Elvui not showing wod bonus objective

elvui not showing wod bonus objective

Added options for Health font on NamePlates.
Added classification triggers to nameplate style filters.This allows you to trigger a filter when one of your spells is either on cooldown or ready to use.Storyline - a more lore-centric approach to questing.Added cooldown trigger to nameplate style filters.They now utilize the oUF framework like our UnitFrames.(Hekili) Fixed Bagbar buttons border size.Actionbar Fixed main bar (bar one) paging issue.Chat: You can how much bonus hp can chogath get play here with the options or leave it untouched, move no deposit free spins twin spin and resize chat windows, remove / split existing or add new, add timestamps, enable chat history, etc.Reworked vendor greys code to resolve issues with the previous versions.Fixed issue which caused some Quick Join messages in chat to be duplicated.Fixed Bag and Bank search from not being cleared consistently.Releasing with a temp fix before ElvUI.
Removed the 'Forcing MaxGroups to' message.
Altoholic - info on your alts.

Added option to scale the Vehicle display.
You can select which classes and specs this filter should activate for.