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Dungeon defenders 2 bonus weekly missions

dungeon defenders 2 bonus weekly missions

Tooniland Use the "Tooniland Style" title item.
Use the item "Help Hamel" casino cruise free spins bonus code HP 2 Magical Attack 16 Physical Attack 16 The Rage 10 days title obtained during release of Anger of Raven (15 days in NA) 20 chance of activating Super Armor for 3 seconds when attacked (Dungeon) 20 chance of damage.
Critical Hit Rate 5 Maximize 5 Attack Speed kbrs'ta casino kurallar 5 When attacking, 5 chance to recover 1 HP 5 chance of super armor for 6 seconds when hit (all damage reduced by 30) (Cooldown of 30 seconds) (Dungeon) 5 chance of 100 damage reduction for.1 chance to get 150 MP when hit (Dungeon) Protect the Kingdom!(Dungeon) Love Mom Use the item, Love Mom Physical Attack 15 Magical Attack 15 Critical 1 Attack Speed 1 Cool Elrios Bay Use "Cool Elrios Bay" title item acquired from purchasing Summer Beach Set Premium Full Package (NA) Physical Attack 28 Magical Attack 28 Critical.Critical Hit Rate 1 Additional Damage 1 Fire Resistance 100 4 chance to summon Rash Fogta Trock when attacking (Dungeon) Stand Alone Clear 8-1, 8-2, 8-3, and 8-4 5 times each by yourself.Reduced Damage 10 (Dungeon) Critical 3 Nature Resistance 50 Birth of a New Hero Automatically unlocked and equipped to characters made between March 19, 2014 to April 1st, 2014 Physical Attack 30 Magical Attack 30 Critical 2 Attack Speed 2 Secrets of Enhancing Physical Power.Critical Hit Rate 1 Movement Speed 6 Jump Speed 6 Destroyer of Time Discovered at the start ( No longer obtainable ) A title given to those who made excellent records in Henir's Time and Space Physical Attack Power 50 Magical Attack Power 50 Physical.Physical Attack 20 Magical attack 20 Critical Hit Rate 2 Movement Speed 3 Attack Speed 1 Infinite Spirit '300 days of Elsword since it started' event.Get ready, or die.All Elemental Resistance 30 Critical 5 Maximize 5 Additional Damage 5 Attack Speed 5 Guardian of Elrianode Clear El Tower Defense once on Normal difficulty Clear 11-5 with SS rank 1000 times A token awarded to the ultimate defenders of El Tower that kept.Critical Hit Rate 1 Attack Speed 3 15 chance of dodging the attacks of Fallen Guardian: Helputt Deal 15 more damage to Fallen Guardian: Helputt (Dungeon) 3 chance of recovering 1 HP when attacking In order to discover Sander Titles from Sander Steel to Shutdown!1 or higher can equip this title!Physical Attack 32 Magical Attack 32 HP 3 MP Gain when attacking 1 Gamer Love Dad Use the item, Gamer Love Dad Physical Attack Power 10 (Dungeon) Magical Attack Power 10 (Dungeon) MP Gain when attacked 10 (Dungeon) Black Crow Use the item, Black Crow.Discovered at the start Achieve Level 40 Any adventurer.Attack Speed 3 Awakening Time.5 Harpy Harpy Defeat 1 Giant Garpai Harpy Clear 8-2 3 times I'll make you harpy harpy!Don't you think there is still use for this!?No Effects 2NE1 Purchase 2NE1 avatar packages (titles are also obtainable from market as it is tradable) HP 1200 Physical Attack 30 Magical Attack 30 Physical Defense 20 Magical Defense 20 Critical 2 Additional Damage 1 Heroic Story Use the "Heroic Story" title item.Miracle in the Ruben Forest Use the "Miracle in the Ruben Forest" title item.) Defeat the Darkness with the Radiant Power Physical Attack 2 Magical Attack 2 Attack Speed 3 Awakening Charge Speed 5 Awakening Time.5 MP Gain when attacking 2 Colossus's Liberator Clear Temple of Trials 199 times The White Colossus of Hamel has been released.
10 chance of summoning Bomber when attacking (Dungeon) 2 chance of Fireworks when attacking Burning Effect 3 (when using fire attributed weapon) MP Gain when attacking.5 Light Speed Clear 8-6 within 6 minutes Clear 8-6 and achieve all the following: Clear within 4 Minutes.

Physical Attack 40 Magical attack 40 Physical Defense 20 Magical Defense 20 Awakening Charge Speed 10 Max HP 2 Attack Speed 2 Valentine's Star 2009 Valentines Event.
Physical Attack 5 (Dungeon) Magical Attack 5 (Dungeon) EXP Received 10 (Dungeon) ED Received 10 (Dungeon) Passionate Peace Lover Use "Passionate Peace Lover (14 Days) Title" item from the 2018 Harmony Festival event.
A title given by Glave to those that conquer his test Physical Attack 500 Magical Attack 500 Critical Hit Rate 5 Additional Damage 5 Attack Speed 5 All weapons Element attributes.5 (only applies to current weapon attributes) All Elemental Resistance 25 Conqueror of Dimensions.