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Dual wield bonus action

Shadow Step (passive) At level 17, You and allies within 40 feet become invisible for 2 rounds when they crit.
Nidus and his allies will gain 1d8wisdom mod health per round when inside the spawning grounds.Allies touching the ground within the area of effect will gain 1 ac(upgraded: 30 ft radius, 2d6wisdom mod damage, 8 rounds, 2ac) Renewal - As an action Oberon emits healing orbs that travel toward teammates with an unrestricted range.Usable once per 30 seconds.If the Warframe is killed you can link to one of your other ones and may repair your old one(this requires 20 gp worth of materials and 4 days of work if the previous one is able to be recovered.Enemies on the ground within 5 feet of Zephyr's launch point will be dealt 1d6wisdom mod force damage along with guaranteed knockdown on creatures medium or smaller.(upgraded: 120 feet launch, 10 foot radius, 2d6charisma mod damage, large or smaller) Dive Bomb - As a bonus.While in Combat you can take your Bonus Action to dash or disengage.The creature must make a strength save and if it fails it takes 3d6 damage force damage.Roll a d20 on odds gain 1 ac(max 6) for 20 rounds, on even gain a 60 foot aura that reduces enemy speed by 5 feet(minimum of 10) for 20 rounds.All enemies that enter this area before the ice is shattered are frozen.No Con saving throws are required to maintain concentration if you are attacked.Concuss (upgraded) - upon contact with a surface or entity, the Concuss grenade falls to the ground then deploys into an armed concussive landmine.Weightless Touch edit Your manipulation of gravity makes things you wear feel almost weightless.Damage absorbed is accumulated and stored briefly before diminishing over time.(upgraded: triple damage) Prowl - As a bonus action Ivara activates her cloak, rendering her invisible.All enemies facing Atlas in a 30 foot cone must succeed a dc 8prof bonuswisdom mod constitution save or they are petrified for 2 rounds (upgraded to 4 rounds, dc 10profwisdom mod).(upgraded: 30 feet and 90 feet respectively, stun for 2 rounds and fire damage for 6 rounds) Fire Blast - As an action slam the ground creating a expanding wall of fire in a 30 feet radius pushing enemies back and setting them on fire.The copies retain the level and stats of their original selves but with half health, with each copy losing 1d4-1 of their health per minute while active.While active, upon losing all of his health, Wukong is healed to 50 of his maximum health and gains invulnerability for 1 round.The survivors would be placed in Somatic Link pods in a facility known as the Reservoir, to control their surrogate bodies in a secure location away from their ese operators, newly christened as the "Tenno were taught texas holdem starting hands percentages the ways of war.At level 6 you get your third Warframe ability, upgraded at level.Upon impact, the larva rapidly matures into a floating mass of infested tentacles that sprouts tendrils to grab all enemies within a radius of 15 feet.