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As professionals players, both of them have been very successful and both of them won millions while playing poker.
Additionally, through the tjäna pengar på spel interviews with historians, this documentary explains some famous terminology from the world of poker, such as dead man hand.7.A Kids Game: The Story of Online Poker Year: 2011 Author: Li Dong Country: the United States Cast: Martin.Jennifer Harman: Poker Queen is agreat documentary that explores the clash between the old generation of poker players and the new one that learn to play poker playing online.That brought poker to the mainstream and since then it became one of the biggest TV events ever.13.One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar Year: 2006 Author: Al Szymanski Country: the United States Cast: Jason Blaine, Rusty Goehringer, Nicholas Sireci, Lyn Spencer Theme: Documentary about the life and career of Stu Ungar who is considered to be the.10.Poker Kings Year: 2004 Author: MaciekWszelaki Country: the United States Cast: Gary Bush, Carlo Citrone, Phil Hellmuth., madame chance casino bonus Mike McGee, Chris Moneymaker, Daniel Negreanu, Simon bingo nova Trumper, David Devilish Ulliott, Olga Varkony, Rober Varkonyi Theme: The path of five players to win the World Series.Throughout the years, she played head to head against some of the best poker players ever such as Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu and both of them have expressed their utmost respect to Jennifer Harman.The winner of 1998 World Series of Poker was Scotty Nguyen and he is also a part of this documentary and he speaks about what it takes and how it feels to win the World Series of Poker.Sebleed, year: 2014, author: Victor Saumont, country: France, cast: Alex Alexonmoon Luneau, Sebastien Seb86 Sabic.On the other hand, poker is also able to take away everything from the player in the same short period of time.This documentary provides an insight into the other side of the World Series of Poker from the players perspective.The stakes at the 1998 World Series of Poker were huge as players were fighting for several million dollars for the first place at the tournament.Amarillo Slim is not your typical poker player as he has been playing illegal poker matches and he was called a hustler during the initial stages of his career.Besides that, Anything to Win: Amarillo Slim is also painting a very good picture of the society during the 1960s and the decades that followed as poker players were one of the most common targets of robberies and thefts at that time.Besides that, this documentary also explores the role of logic or rather logical thinking in poker matches as many have called poker a game for the mind.With strong intuition, Amarillo Slim was able to defeat even the best players during his career even when nobody expected him to perform so well.T Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker Year: 2013 Author: Ryan Firpo Country: the United States Cast: Danielle Andersen, Tony Dunst, Martin Bradstreet, Theme: The evolution of online poker industry and the clash between this industry and the US authorities and the events.All the way until the turn of themillennium, poker was not widely spread and there were not a lot of fans outside the circle of professionals who competed in different tournaments.Side: Underground Poker Year: 2012 Author: Jon Bulette Country: the United States Cast: Mikey Tats, Breezy, John The Banker, Joe Mush, Brad The Conductor Theme: Investigation of the underground poker scene in New York City The fact that underground poker matches are being organized all.This documentary also explores the impact of online poker on the standard players and how online poker players have influenced other poker players at some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world.Poker Kings is the story of the determination and devotion to the cause that only professional athletes are able to achieve.
This documentary follows these two players on their path to the World Series.
Nnifer Harman: Poker Queen Year: 2015 Author: Jennifer Harman Country: the United States Cast: Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Theme: Documentary about Jennifer Harman, one of the most successful female poker players Jennifer Harman is one of the most successful female poker players in the world.