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Does ddr4 fit in ddr3 slot

First of all, a DDR3 laptop RAM module cant physically fit into a DDR4 laptop RAM slot and vice versa.
What is the difference between DDR3 and DDR4?
No DDR2 reminiscence will not extra healthful right into a DDR3 slot.Both DDR3 and DDR4 have a smaller sized module known as SO-dimm used for mobile devices such as laptops.The DDR3 modules used on laptops are called SO-dimm and its length is much smaller with a length.6 mm and less number of pins that is 204 pins.R/Buildapc Rules r/Buildapc live chat, related communities, moderators u/LieutenantClone u/LumberStack u/NeverrSummer u/CustardFilled u/king_of_Trainers69 u/m13b u/JaffaCakes6 u/ZeroPaladn u/AutoModerator u/nubbinator View All Moderators Cookies help us deliver our Services.DDR3 was introduced back in 2007 while DDR4 was introduced in 2014.Dram lykkesholm slot ) that came as the successor.For instance, you bought a new laptop with DDR4 RAM and want to add more memory to it by inserting a DDR3 RAM module from your older laptop.DDR4 RAMs consume less power than DDR3, but their speed is much higher.DDR3 and DDR4 laptop memory are not compatible / interchangeable.Still DDR4 is not much famous in the market because it was just released a few month ago and hence the motherboards in the market still supports only DDR3.DDR3 supports memory densities only up to 8 GB, but DDR4 supports memory densities up to.Press J to jump to the feed.No component trading, sales, deals or price check posts.Community Details.8k, online, planning on building a computer but need some advice?This is the place to ask!DDR4, which was released this year, is still not much famous in the market but, in the next year, it will soon outstand DDR3.Thats a common question when it comes to memory upgrades.Particular, the two DDR2 and DDR3 have 240-pins and that they are the two on the topic of a similar length, however the notch is what makes the actual difference.Unfortunately, that cant be done.Posted by 21 comments 74 Upvoted, this thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.
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