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Do you add proficiency bonus to initiative

do you add proficiency bonus to initiative

It includes such factors as confidence and eloquence, and it can represent a charming or commanding personality.
Colossal (tall).
Attacks, checks Robe of blending Competence A competence bonus (or penalty) affects a characters performance of a particular task, as in the case of the bardic ability to inspire competence.An unarmed strike is always considered light.For example, if a 1st-level character has a Wisdom of 15 and proficiency in Perception, he or she has a passive Wisdom ( Perception ) score.Varying Degrees of Concealment : Certain situations may provide more or less than typical concealment, and modify the miss chance accordingly.In addition, removing the condition requires the target to spend a standard action.Full Attack If you get more than one attack per round because your skyrim slot 45 unequip base attack bonus is high enough (see Base Attack Bonus in Classes because you fight with two weapons or a double weapon, or for some special reason, you must use a full-round.0 Small.The DC of this maneuver is your targets Combat Maneuver Defense.You dont normally decide to make a saving throw; you are forced to make one because your character or monster is at risk of harm.Will These saves reflect your resistance to mental influence as well as many magical effects.If you do not have the Improved Dirty Trick feat or a similar ability, attempting a dirty trick provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver.Spell Completion Items Activating a spell completion item is the equivalent of casting a spell.History Your Intelligence ( History ) check measures your ability to recall lore about historical events, legendary people, ancient kingdoms, past disputes, recent wars, and lost civilizations.The GM might also call for a Dexterity ( Sleight of Hand ) check to determine whether you can lift a coin purse off another person or slip something out of another persons pocket.Miscellaneous Actions The following actions take a variable amount of time to accomplish or otherwise work differently than other actions.
Ranged attack An attack with a projectile weapon, such as a bow and arrow.
Extraordinary Abilities (Ex) Using an extraordinary ability is usually not an action because most extraordinary abilities automatically happen in a reactive fashion.

In this case, combatants near her can take advantage of her lapse in defense to attack her for free.