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Django dvd bonus disc the lst

This conspicuously experimental and abstract work will lead you on a sentimental sci-fi journey to be rediscovered every time.
The 4th album in Alain's career is a set of contemporary Latin music and blazes new trails in Cuban music.
3 - The Unknown Masada (TZ 7181) No less than 14 original unissued compositions taken from the imposing Masada songbook and played by such contributors as Erik Friedlander, Dave Douglas, Ruins, Koby Israelite, etc.
Hugo Carvalhais : Particula.This is the first studio album in 27 years that this lost mythical collective trio from the 70's is now giving us to listen.This album is the recording debut of a bass player recently voted one of 2009's "Most Exciting New Players" in the July 2009 issue of Bass Player Magazine by their Readers' Choice Awards.Taken from the archives of the Italian radio RAI, here's the concert of the festival "New York Is casino sweet 16 Now" that took place in Rome in 2004.Piano solo, live at Metastisio Jazz, february 2003.With Bobby Few on piano, Alan Silva on bass, Richard Raux on tenor sax and percussionist Pablo Sauvage on two tracks.If Five in Orbit's debut album was one of the great revelations in the European jazz of this new century, the second album by the French-Catalan quintet manages to go even further.Recorded at the grim in 2003, Marseille, France.Texts by Ischa Meijer, music by Breuker, performed by the Kollektief Willem Breuker Kollektief : Pakkepapèn.This record is their 4th for Intakt and revisits in 11 songs the classical German repertoire - the Volkslieder from the Middle Age.Unlike their first work, the sound palette is now enriched with more instruments, such as electric bass, synth and clarinet (besides alto sax and bass clarinet adding new shades to improvisations as well as explaining a research in writing that focuses on the whole group.Thirsty Ears THI 172.
Far from being over-produced, the album favours instead a direct and nearly raw approach, with six own compositions and five interpretations of classic themes.