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Diamond hunt magic bonus

All these modes are also available in multiplayer, supporting up to eight players.
Creatures in armies grow by 4 per cent each day.Traditional time trial races are now also complemented by nine more game modes, including the casino cruise support well-known «Capture the flag «Gate hunt» and «Pathfinder as well as new types of competitions, including the bonus hunt, area control and helicopter pursuit. .18 machines of six classes: buggies, SUVs, vans, trucks, extreme cars and prototypes; 20 locations, 170 races, 4 continents (Eurasia, America, Africa and Antarctica) 10 game modes; Rating system and game achievements; Detailed car damage and tuning.Each town has a Warlord's Banners in front.Artifacts in the map are found in pairs.Heroes are given an artifact each level.Creatures have breath weapons.( ) / 30 4000.Creature dwellings also sell Boars.The sequel to the famous game, Insane 2 develops the innovations of of the original groundbreaking bingo casino online blackberry racing action combination. .Fast creatures are slow, slow ones fast.7th level creatures upgrade to 8th level.

Mines change resources each week.
Creatures are half-price on day 7 each week.