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Deposit refund system definition

There are three potential advantages of a DRS: it reduces illegal dumping by giving a financial incentive, it makes gratis casino spel 2011 monitoring and enforcement easier, and evading the costs is difficult.
2, deposit-refund systems are used on products such as batteries, tyres, automotive oil, consumer electronics and shipping pallets.
State deposit-refund systems provide an incentive to poker online echtgeld recycle and, therefore, reduce the quantity of solid waste produced.When pollution is avoided by returning the products or their residuals, a refund of the surcharge is granted.States like Maine and Rhode Island have established deposit-refund systems to encourage the recycling of lead-acid/automobile batteries.Last updated on, monday, November 5, 2001.0 out of 0 found this helpful.Nine states currently have a 5-cent deposit-refund on soft-drink bottles and cans, and one state has a 10-cent deposit-refund.Deposit-refund system are a market-based instrument to address externalities.As with, pigovian taxes a DRS aims to limit pollution of various types by creating an incentive to return a product.1, deposit-refund systems can be both voluntary or mandated by legislation.Under a deposit-refund system, certain products or containers have a special front-end surcharge, or deposit, placed on them by manufacturers.This surcharge is then refunded to the consumer when he or she returns quantities of the containers or products for recycling or proper disposal.Retrieved from " ").A well-known example is when container deposit legislation mandates that a refund is given when reusable packaging is returned.Statistical Theme: Environmental statistics, created on, tuesday, September 25, 2001.Historically, deposit-refund systems have been applied, primarily at the state level, to glass, aluminum, or plastic drink bottles and cans.Guidebook of Financial Tools: Paying for Environmental Systems (PDF) 233 pp,.6MB, was this article helpful?67, United Nations, New York, 1997.
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