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Deposit box key the long dark

You will find the key on the floor right there.
Theres no easy way to escape, so patience (and planning) is required if you dont want to freeze to death or get eaten by bencb poker bilder a pack of wolves.
This particular deposit box will have an item that has been stolen from Grey Mother, which is a part of a quest that you must do for her.At the very back of the cave youll spot a pile of rocks and in them, the second Supply Cache.Key #15 is required to progress, and wont appear until after you speak with Grey Mother.The deposit box #20 holds a magnifying lens, and a bundle of cash.There, youll see a small house.Either earn the trust of Grey Mother by offering her rabbit skins, bandages, and cloth, or by finding hidden Supply Caches.To unlock the large vault in the Milton Bank: Get the Bank Managers Key in the Milton Bank, then go to the Bank Managers House (marked with a Canadian flag) the combination is next to the bed.There are several Supply Caches and Deposit Box Keys hidden throughout Milton, and if you dont know where to look, you can find yourself wandering aimlessly through the map.As the sun fades and night falls, the chilly weather becomes even worse.If you liked this video, you can comment, subscribe, hit that like button, share this video and see my other videos.Deposit Box Key #13, the #13 Deposit Box Key in The Long Dark Story Mode can be found hidden inside a backpack attached to a corpse.Bank Deposit Box Key #15.Firstly you should open the house - the key is in the car at the barn.Behind the church, theres a fallen tree.The vera und john casino bonus Millers house is the last house in Milton that is also the most destroyed one.Get the door key from the car, and look in the vase above the fireplace.Reason, note: This is only to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.Episode 1 of the story.As you progress through the story, at one point, youll need to track down a key to the Milton Bank and unlock one of four safety deposit boxes one of the keys is required, the other three are totally optional. .
Each box contains supplies that are of great value.
Not much, but the lens can be used to make fire during day time, which can save you life if you suddenly find yourself out of fuel.