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A few years ago someone bought it to restore and make into a museum but the men rebuilding it kept getting very om live casino multihand scared by ghostly presences on the site and in john slots free spins the house.
Waterville - Sanger Mansion - Apparently the mansion used o be a monk monastery, and it is said that if you go there at night you can see the spirits of the monks walking around.The parents passed away Sybil was never married.Lights mysteriously go on and off.Deposit notice on a bottle sold in continental.S.It became the talk of the camp that a number of people had spoken with a ghost.- March 2007 Additional Information: The French Castle at the fort is where most of the paranormal experiences have occurred.For about 10 or more years now they have been trying to make it into an apartment complex because there are condo's all around it, and every time someone goes in there to work, a hand was cut off by machinery, the machinery would break.Roosevelt's bedroom there is a very cold feeling and a feeling of sadness by those who are sensitive.It is reported that 7 spirits haunt the dinner.Kingston - Montrepose Cemetery - Activity and energy surrounding that graveyard.Things like that Greene - Sherwood Inn - A female committed suicide by jumping off the top floor balcony.Two male ghosts haunt the shore and the white lady haunts the hotel, which is now being renovated into a restaurant and museum.She liked animals and wuld play with them in her stone clubhouse.Passersby have noted the sound of snapping necks coming from under the trestle.Beverages covered include beer, malt, soda, bottled water, juice, coffee, kombucha, coconut water, ready-to-use mixers, nutritional supplements, smoothies, protein shakes, non-alcoholic wine, drinking vinegar, marijuana beverages, sports drinks, energy drinks and most other beverages.Eventually, the ghost went back into hiding.Latham - Guptills Woods on Pollock Road - These woods are said to be haunted.Her grave is supposedly in the cemetery on Sweet Hollow.She went into Spiritualism, with her two friends The Fox Sisters.One winter their daughter either fell or jumped to her death out the window of their New York apartment and it is said she remains at the summer house because she disliked Manhattan while alive.